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Showing a broad selection of work made by ceramic artist Liz Lawrence.

Contemporary Vessels


These contemporary, decorative, porcelain vessels are thrown, turned and decorated with slips in a variety of ways. Liz Lawrence created these designs using latex resist and sgraffito pattern making. Each piece is fired just once in an oxidised electric kiln to cone 8 (approx 1260 deg C).


Porcelain Wall Plaques


These porcelain wall plaques are designed in series but also work well as stand alone pieces. Mounted on a 5mm clear acrylic support measuring 240 x 170 mm. Each series is inspired by different topics including Opera, Musical Instruments and, more recently, Aberystwyth Beach. 

Picture Pots


The camera has always played an important role in Liz Lawrence's creative life.This body of work successfully exploits Liz's image making skills in a unique way, by combining the surface texture of porcelain with digital creativity. 


Tea or Espresso Coffee Set

Each porcelain piece is unique, with an individuality all of its own. Variation is part of the charm of this handmade coffee set - with gold rims adding a touch of glamour.

Available items:

Cup  & saucer


Sugar bowl



Pocket Pots


Inspired by a 'modernist' brief, the Pocket Pot design evolved from work produced for the 'Design for Living' Exhibition held at High Cross House in Dartington during the summer of 2013.


Bluestone Boxes



These boxes were inspired by visiting prehistoric sites in the landscape during the summer of 2011. Personal access to Sarsen Stones and Welsh Blue Stones in particular, formed an important part of the creative process. Welsh Blue Stones are to be found as far away as Stonehenge in Wiltshire. These stones, not blue in colour, are thought to have been transported from the Preseli Mountains of Wales either by way of glacial deposits or from the great efforts of prehistoric man.

Each Bluestone Box is unique, having been hand carved from an individual block of clay. The lids are deliberately designed to fit one way only - this gives the opportunity for quiet consideration when closing the box to conceal precious items within.


Coracle Candle Pots

These charming, individually handmade, tea-light holders take inspiration from the sea and the rolling movement of waves in particular. The walnut shell shaped holders echo the small flat bottomed boats known as Coracles.




Whale Tail Pots

These new Whale Tail pots can be purchased at The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Bovey Tracey in Devon.

Designed as a safe haven for earrings, rings or other jewellery trinkets