Curriculum Vitae

Details of career to date.


BA Hons in Ceramics - University of the West of England 2000     

Dip AD in Graphic Design - Worthing 1976


 Professional Memberships

Craft Potters Association - Professional Member

Devon Guild of Craftsmen - Professional Member

The Makers Guild in Wales - Full Member

South Wales Potters - Full Member


Career Details

In 1976, Liz Lawrence achieved a Diploma in Art and Design (specialising in graphics) at Worthing Art College. Between the years 1976-79 she worked as a finished artist in London and on the South Coast of England. In 1980 Liz moved to the South West of England and worked as a freelance finished artist in and around the Bristol area. In the late 1990s Liz started working with clay and eventually completed a a degree in Ceramics at the University of the West of England, graduating in June 2000. During 2001 Liz was accepted into the Craft Potters Association as a Professional Member and she became a Member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen whilst still living in Bristol. In 2003 Liz moved to South Wales and set up a  studio near Newport. In 2004 Liz was accepted into The Makers Guild in Wales as an Associate Member and in 2006 as a full member. She has also been a member of South Wales Potters since 2004.